App Cloner 1.4.19 Premium Apk

App Cloner 1.4.19 Premium ApkApp Cloner 1.4.19 Premium ApkApp Cloner 1.4.19 Premium Apk

App Cloner 1.4.19 is a program which permits the duplication of all programs on precisely the same apparatus, opening the way for multiple use scenarios Among those problems on Android apparatus is that users cannot open several instances of the identical program. By way of instance, two Chrome cases cannot open, and you can not have two different variants of Whatsapp.

App Cloner Premium Apk

There are a few situations where it’d be practical to have several instances of the program. By way of instance, you may wish to have two variants, or you may want to use logins you can alter icon and the program name. You let a program to be set up on the SD-card or can eliminate permissions. You can disable auto-start and wake up cubes. Or convert your program. App Cloner is a program that’s practical for users that wish to get logged in on a few at precisely the same moment and have numerous accounts for one program. Because of its simplicity of usage, you will have the ability to replicate software.

Features of App Cloner Premium Apk:

  • Clone programs like Whatsapp or Facebook Messager
  • Change all Part of the Program, such as icons
  • Get incognito style for many programs
  • Remove program permissions
  • Spoof place
  • The top version supports 20 clones
  • Create multiple app clones.
  • Replace launcher icons.
  • Allow programs to be installed on the outside SD-card.
  • Cloned watch programs or see faces.
  • Remove launcher pub or widgetsSave or discuss.
  • Cloned apps Disable autostart Allow/prevent the program backups
  • Disable program defaults Rotation 
  • Use Google Maps in cloned apps.
  • Enables multi-window service on Samsung devices and a few LG devices to make debuggable
  • Automatically copy expansion 
  • Much, much more

What’s New in App Cloner 1.4.19:

  • The Problem Solved in of Cloning Some games in this version.
  • Support for custom package Titles
  • Disable USB events’ launching option
  •  Bug fixes for Android 4.0 – 4.3


  • Minimum Android 4.0.3 or any later.


  • All Apps cannot be Cloned.