App Cloner For Android

App Cloner For AndroidApp Cloner For AndroidApp Cloner For Android

App Cloner can produce and set up many copies of your present apps. Program Cloner is the sole multi-account program that produces accurate, independent, installable clones. Cloned programs run in parallel and operate independently in their first programs. They won’t get automatic updates so you operate and can keep a version. Program cloning may be helpful to simultaneously use multiple logins in programs like Facebook, Instagram or even Twitter but the real fun begins by glancing around with a program. App Cloner supplies a large number of modding options to tweak the program copy that is newest.

Android App Cloner

App Cloner is a program that’s particularly practical for users that wish to get logged in on a few at precisely the same moment and have numerous accounts for one program. Because of its simplicity of usage, you will have the ability to replicate software. App Cloner can expand a well-thought-out program to incorporate functionality like password protection, incognito mode together with file deletion that is secure and you can lock an app. Google programs cannot be uninstalled. Programs as instance games that were massive, cannot be deciphered. As used by most web browsers, web views and programs the SOCKS proxy does not work with network relations.

App Cloner For Android

Features of App Cloner For Android:

  • substitute the icons duplicates of this program;
  • produce multiple clones;
  • substitute the icons of both widgets and launcher;
  • disable startup programs;
  • transfer programs and their clones on the rod;
  • to define access rights for clones;
  • Simple to create copies of programs;
  • backup programs and dials on the Android apparatus
  •  Save uninstalled programs
  •  Change launcher icons
  • Change speech the program screen dimensions & font size
  • Keep display on, immersive style
  • Multi-window service
  • Incognito style for programs
  • Exclude program from recent
  • Change Android ID, conceal IMEI, Wi-Fi MAC
  • Eliminate permissions
  • Hide cellular data & desktop networking
  • SOCKS proxy


  • Android: 4.0.3 and up