App Cloner Premium Apk 1.5.20 Full Unlocked + Mod for Android

App Cloner Premium Apk 1.5.20 Full Unlocked + Mod for Android

App Cloner Premium Apk v1.5.20 is one of the best creators of many applications on the Android platform. This app contains the creation and installation of multiple copies of existing certificates on your mobile phone. This application works parallelly and works separately from their original documents. It does not get automatic updates so that you can stay on a fixed version next to the initial application. So let’s download this application and run your apps on your Android mobile phone.

App Cloner Premium Apk 1.5.20 Full Unlocked + Mod for Android

App Cloner Premium Apk + Mod for Android

Using App Cloner, you can create and install multiple copies of existing applications.

Cloned apps work parallel and work independently from original applications. It does not receive automatic updates so that you can keep the standard version of the innovative app.

Cloning may be useful for simultaneous use of many applications such as Facebook, Twitter or Skype, but with enjoyable use. The app provides various options for configuring a new copy of the Cloner application, except for changing the form or icon name.

For example, you may remove errors or unwanted permissions. You can disable automatic startups, backups or access usage defaults. Cloner can extend the application to add new security features, such as application cloner password protection, and you can lock data only via a Wi-Fi connection.

App Cloner Premium Apk 1.5.20 Full Unlocked + Mod for Android

By the way, Android Vear View apps and viewers can even clone.

App Cloner You can create and install multiple copies of existing applications. App Cloner is the only numerous accounts for building real, independent, installed clones. Read the following incompatibilities.
Cloned applications work in parallel and work independently of their original uses. They do not receive automatic updates, so you can have a stable version of the original form and run it.

Cloning applications can be useful for multiple uses in applications such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter at the same time, but the original application slowly starts with the form. The App Cloner provides sampling options to change a new copy of the certificate.

Change the app name and icon. You can remove permissions on an SD card or install a cloned application. You can automatically disable the launch and upgrade. Or change the request to the floating window application.

Cloner can extend the application by adding functionality such as password protection for application cloning, hidden mode, or unknown Android ID or false locations. You can force an app to use data over the Vi-Fi network. There are more than 100 usability customization options, and each update adds more.

What’s new

  • App Clears will automatically allow application installers without access to root ‘App Cloner Install Service’ \ t
  •  ‘Simple notifications’ option
  • “Teacher of priorities” (medium grant)
  •  Developer option for “Overwriting sharing options” (middle donation)
  •  Some options have been moved to the new “Navigation Options” group
    Volume Up, Return, Down and Direction to Kei Processes
  •  Navigation option ‘repeats.’
  •  Add ‘Double Back’ and ‘Start other application’ for navigation options
  • Installed images for creating a shortcut for Android 8.0+ Home screen (can be turned off in settings)
  •  A wide range display option

App Cloner Premium Apk 1.5.20 Full Unlocked + Mod for Android

Changes to the new version of App Cloner Premium Apk v1.5.20:

  • Support for package names
  • Disable USB Event Startup Option.
  • A Props> Phase Creation of Fingerprint.
  • Bug fixes for Android 4.0 – 4.3.

Some apps that I can not clone:

• Most Google applications
• Evernote
• Capturing
• Codes
• A driver
• Skype for Business
• Drello
• Wicked
• Watts
• Judge


  • Use the “Complaint Statement” to report the cloned usage.
  • To install images from your device, you have to enable Settings> Secure>
  • Uninstallation Resources. If the “Install” button is disabled or not, temporarily disable overlay applications such as chat titles, blue filters or floating exterior.
  • Antivirus applications display alerts for cloned apps. These warnings may be incorrect and can be ignored.
  • They have an official certificate used to sign clones.
  • The premium version supports 20 clones. You can donate support to open and open up to 1000 clones.
  • Internet connection is required when a clone is checked to check the premium status for rooted devices.
  • The above product and brand names are the property of their respective owners.

App Cloner Premium Apk + Mod Lite + Special Mod